Russia and China Spend Billions on Rare Earths, USA Slowly Adjusts Course

In early September, several news outlets noted that the Russian state-backed Rostec and private investment firm ICT Group launched a joint venture to produce 40,000 tonnes of rare earths from stockpiled monazite concentrates — a $1 billion investment over the … Continue reading

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Critical Materials behind Closed Doors

By the Strategic Materials Advisory Council In recent weeks, several senior Obama administration officials have mentioned critical defense materials, and specifically rare earths, on Capitol Hill. Despite the obscurity of these materials in the minds of the general public, valid … Continue reading

Rare Earth “Market Based” Solutions Untenable For National Security Needs

By the Strategic Materials Advisory Council Nearly four years of turbulent markets for rare earth elements have exposed an inexplicable passivity within policy elements of the Department of Defense when it comes to securing supplies of strategic materials and the … Continue reading

Bracing for Neglected Material Needs

By the Strategic Materials Advisory Council President Obama’s fiscal year 2014 budget request includes $615 billion in military spending but is largely silent on key strategic and critical material programs. This silence has raised concerns among some national security and … Continue reading

Flashpoint: The Free Market vs. CFIUS

By Strategic Materials Advisory Council U.S. Government contractors are accustomed to time-consuming audits and burdensome government contracting rules and regulations that they view as creating a competitive disadvantage in the global market.  These restrictions are a fact of life for … Continue reading

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Behind the Department of Energy Budget

By Will Thomas, Strategic Materials Advisory Council The high security measures surrounding the United States’ nuclear weapons inventory have long inspired mystery and allure.  Some have recently suggested that the Department of Energy may serve as a cover for significant … Continue reading

The Pentagon’s Metals Gap

By Daniel McGroarty It’s the last thing any Washington watcher would expect in the run-up to Sequestergeddon: a government agency proposing a new spending program. Yet that’s precisely what the Pentagon did last week, with the quiet release of its … Continue reading

Hard Evidence Reveals Comprehensive Attack from Chinese Military Unit on U.S. Government, Corporations and Infrastructure

On Tuesday, February 19, the information technology security firm Mandiant released a report entitled APT1: Exposing One of China’s Cyber Espionage Units. The Mandiant report is alarming. It chronicles the activities of People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398, often appearing under … Continue reading

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Fox News Report on A123 Systems

On January 24, Fox News dedicated a portion of its program to the sale of A123 to Shanghai based Wanxiang. The report quotes Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN), “If the President is truly serious about his pledge to the American people, … Continue reading

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Unless the Administration intervenes, the U.S. will lose a national security asset that the U.S. funded and developed. You can help bring this to the attention of the White House, by signing your name to the petition, “Stop the Sale … Continue reading

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