Cyber warfare has emerged as one of the greatest threats to our national security. As hostile groups seek to find weaknesses in our national defense, they look for cyber vulnerabilities in military and defense equipment. Therefore, these products must be protected from top to bottom against cyber attacks. It is vital to our national security to protect all intellectual property, technology, strategic materials, and production lines in order to ensure that all military and defense equipment is immune from cyber attacks. Strong cyber protection can only be achieved by ensuring cyber immunity throughout the full manufacturing process.

Recently, cyber criminals are attacking defense contractors to steal information and harm operations. A November 2012 Reuters report illustrated a significant increase in cyber attacks. Public outcry and fear is increasing over these attacks, prompting calls for change. President Obama’s February 13th sweeping executive order on cyber security and ongoing debate of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act show that policy changes could significantly impact the operations and business practices of defense contractors.

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